Case Studies

Following an accident a client wanted to light a steep outdoor set of steps winding up through trees and shrubs in his back garden. The area was completely dark, in a village with no street lighting. He also needed a new handrail, so in conjunction with a local blacksmith, recommended by Peak Electrics; we designed a continuous strip of lighting built-in to the un-seen underside of the curved new handrail profile, to continuously light the full length of steps with a gentle glow, and without creating any light pollution.
A club wanted to install lighting in a function room that could be used for a range of different activities but needed to specifically provide lighting for 6 dartboards (individually or collectively); stage lighting; general lighting and multi functional lighting for private functions/ receptions.

We provided a fully flexible system of DMX-controlled lights that can cope with all the above requirements and many more.

A customer had a very dark cupboard with 3 shelves – he wanted lighting for each shelf, that came on immediately, but there was no space to install normal lighting. We sourced and installed an LED solution to this problem.
A customer had a stable yard and the security lights were flashing on and off and using too much electricity. We installed Low Energy (CFL) floodlights for work and security lighting with interconnected Passive Infra Red (movement) detectors, out of trigger-range of the horses, but with an over-ride ON switch for when work was being done in the yard at night.
A customer had a small enclosed stairway at the top of which they needed a smoke alarm, a light and an emergency light but the ceiling area was too small to accommodate all three. We modified a small wall-mounted fluorescent tube to double as a normal switchable 18W light, and an emergency light, thus leaving space on the ceiling for the smoke alarm.
A customer wanted to be able to remotely switch his pond lights, fountain and garden lights without major re-wiring. We installed a wireless system, and he can now switch these items on from a small key fob remote.
The local village hall needed to simplify their switching on and off of its various heating zones, to accomodate numerous different bookings. We installed a mobile-phone-operated switching device, and the bookings secretary now does this from home.