How Much Does It Cost?

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Many customers want to have a rough guideline cost before that, so here are some examples that should help.

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (Periodic Inspection Report))

This is the sort of inspection/report an insurance company might require to ensure an electrical installation is safe prior to sale or let.

Cost is dependent upon the number of circuits, and the number of lights/sockets etc, as each circuit has to be partially dismantled, examined, and electrically tested.  This makes the process very labour-intensive.  The process usually takes a full day and the result is a 7-page electrical certificate.

A general guide would be for a 3-bed semi: £250.00 + VAT.

Replace Fuse Box (with a modern concumer unit)

The necessary testing of the existing circuitry to be re-connected to the new unit is not far short of a full Condition Report (above) so I would usually recommend the full report in addition to the new hardware.

A Consumer Unit to the current (17th Edition) Wiring Regulations, provides RCD-protection to all circuits, and MCB trip switches on each circuit. In the event of even the most minor fault, the system would trip before anyone could be hurt (or worse) – which is not the case with fuses.

General guide for replacement with a 10-way MK box: £550.00 + VAT (All Parts & Labour)

Installing a new security light

Like all electrical jobs, the time required will be dependent on the position of the light, the route for the power cable, and the location of a suitable source of power.

The cost will therefore generally vary from £75.00 – £150.00 + VAT

Installing a new cooker

Assuming no faults or omissions are found, including Installation Certificate, £75.00 + VAT

“I was delighted with the lighting solutions Steve provided for me and his workmanship was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Liz Blakemore, Chilbolton